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Glasses Care? Top 10 Ways to Destroy Your Glasses

Glasses Care? Do you really care?

We’re third generation optometrists and we understand glasses care. We grew up in the business of Optometry and we’ve seen thousands of people! I can say with some confidence that we’ve seen everything and mostly the patterns of behaviour are repetitive.

So drum-roll, here are the top 10 ways to destroy your glasses: 

10. Wear them on top of your head (ladies, we’re looking at you!) – Yes, everyone knows they’re going to stretch and eventually fit better on your head than on your face. You can bring them in and we’ll try to adjust them and tighten them up for you.  Eventually, you’re going to get to number 2 on our list.. keep reading!

9. Use paper towels/tissues/your shirt to clean them – this could destroy them immediately if you happen to rub something that’s on your lens, repeatedly into your lens! Often, it’s because we can’t actually see what we’re doing with the glasses off. Even if it’s not immediate, if you’re doing this every day, you’ll abrase the tough coating and they won’t last as many years as they should.

8. Use household cleaning products – Yes, this is a great way to discover how you might chemically ruin your lenses! There’s no need, if you’re not sure, the answer is warm water and dish washing detergent.

7. Play with your grand-kids – So we can’t blame you for this one, and no one is suggesting that you should keep your distance but we often have patient’s whose grandchildren have pulled their glasses from them and (almost) destroyed them! …just a warning!

6. Don’t use a case – Just put the glasses in your handbag, or suitcase, or that draw cluttered with everything else. They’ll be fine without a case! Maybe just place them in a center console or side compartment in the car, it won’t take a lot of driving before the vibration against any plastic ruins your lenses with lots of tiny scratches.

5. Leave them for your dog to play with – because, let’s face it, these loved family members also like new toys. We’ve heard a few good stories of dogs going out of their way to get hold of them too! Again, make sure they’re in a case!

4. Renovate your house – There’s lots of work to be done and we need to strip some of the paint in one place and add another coat in the bedroom; no need to wear the spare pair, what are the chances of getting some on my glasses?

3. Carry multiple pairs – because it’s sunny outside but I need to take my other pair. I won’t misplace a pair somewhere… This is the story up until the point where one pair gets sat on, stepped on or driven over – all the most rapid ways of destruction. People often want to save money by getting a cheaper single vision lens (or non-scripted) for their sunglasses rather than a multifocal/progressive lens – what happens is that they carry their expensive normal pair around with them as well and end up losing the more expensive pair (the pair they need at work the next day!). In the long-term you’re much better off when you don’t need to carry multiple pairs around – it’s more comfortable too.

2. Buy an uncomfortable pair – We’ve all had a pair of uncomfortable glasses, okay, let’s face it, most people before coming to us don’t really know what comfortable is. If you find that you just don’t want to leave your glasses on, that you often just take them off subconsciously.. it’s probably because they’re not comfortable. You’re not wearing them? They’re much more likely to be destroyed. Weight and fit on the nose are two of the most important factors, come in and we’ll show you the difference.

…and the best way to destroy your glasses is:

1. Buy a pair you don’t really like –  You’ll be surprised how quickly people destroy a pair they don’t like: “They dropped off my face and I looked down and then accidentally stepped on them”. Speaking is a motor function and if it’s possible to experience a (Freudian) ‘slip’ when speaking it’s possible to experience a ‘slip’ with other motor functions too! 


Freud and Parapraxes

Freud described that even accidents like tripping over are parapraxes. He says that they show unconscious feelings being expressed in a physical way. So it’s not unusual that we might break an object (accidentally) because of a subconscious desire to get rid of it! Further general reading here, and for those who are brave, try Freud’s: The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.


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