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Reserve Bank Health Society Optical Rebates

Adel Eyecare offers members of Reserve Bank Health Insurance the opportunity to maximise the benefits of their private health insurance.

Adel Eyecare offers Reserve Bank Health Insurance members:

  • A ‘No Gap’ range – a special for Reserve Bank Health Insurance members to purchase our fantastic frame and lens packages at no out-of-pocked expense
  • Access to Adel Eyecare’s eye testing and consultation services – in depth assessment workplace/office needs and for ocular disease prevention including diabetes, macular degeneration and glaucoma. Ask us about Medicare bulk-billing.
  • A full 2 year satisfaction guarantee on all Packages
  • The lowest price sunglasses and prescriptions sunglasses guaranteed


Details of your Reserve Bank Health Insurance membership type should be on the front of your card. Adel Eyecare does not guarantee the information below as it can change at any time, information is provided as accurately as possible as a guide. Reserve Bank Health Insurance’s extra packages and the benefit limits for optical are:

Frame 180/yr
Single Vision Lens Limit 185/yr
Multifocal Lens Limit 280/yr
Contact Lens Limit 450/yr
Policy PDF
Combined limit in year 1 = $460
Combined limit after 2+ years = $920*
*Two years of cover can be claimed in the second year if nothing claimed in the first year


Item numbers for optical health fund rebates include:

Frame 110
Single Vision Lenses 212
Bifocals Lenses 312
Multifocal Lenses 512
Contact Lenses (frequent replacement) 852


A full list of item numbers for optical services can be found through HICAPS by clicking here.