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Maui Jim – Introducing MauiBrilliant

Maui Jim MauiBrilliant™ Product Release

Maui Jim announces the release of their newest (5th) and most advanced lens material, MauiBrilliant™. This material could be known as the superstar of resin lens materials. It features optics nearly as clear as glass (56 ABBE value), with just one-third of the weight. In fact, it’s only 1 of 4 materials (2 of which are Maui Jim trademarked) that provide optical clarity better than the human eye.

MauiBrilliant of course includes Maui Jim’s patented PolarizedPlus2 lens technology. It wipes out 99.9% of harsh glare, manages 95% of HEV and blocks 100% of harmful UV, while boosting colour to unmatched levels (enhances natural light instead of dimming it, delivering exceptional colour & clarity).

The three initial MauiBrilliant styles are designed for active consumers with their lightweight, flexible frame. Built with a beta-titanium bridge and rubber sleeves on the temples, wearers receive extreme comfort and a no slip grip during any activity.

New models with Maui Jim MauiBrilliant are Kumu, Alaka'i and Kupuna

New models with Maui Jim MauiBrilliant are Kumu, Alaka’i and Kupuna

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